Grantee Spotlight: Project Sweetie Pie's Camden Greenhouse Project

October 20, 2015

TWIN CITIES Project Sweetie Pie, a non-profit organization and self-described urban agriculture grassroots movement, in partnership with Virajita Singh, Senior Research Fellow at the School of Design's Center for Sustainable Building Research and Jeff Corn, Community Programs Coordinator with the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA) were awarded a 2015 HFHL Community-University Planning Grant to further develop the vision of the Camden Greenhouse—a potential urban agricultural campus in North Minneapolis. The gardens and greenhouse space will provide community youth and adults with skills to produce microgreens, mushrooms, compost, hydroponics, aqua/aeroponics, vertical gardening and other dense urban food crops. Project partners will also conduct research into relevant precedents and examples of regional and national greenhouse and garden projects and outline the research, work and outcomes of the implementation phase of the design phase.

Watch here to see community planning in action and to learn what community members have to say about their vision of the Camden Greenhouse: