Project Report and Documentation

Old farm tractor V2The State Level Food System Indicators report includes an introduction to the rationale and objectives for this project; a review of past indicator research; a detailed description of indicator identification and selection; a guide to using the food system indicator resources developed for this project; and a brief overview of future research needs. The report also includes appendices on potential indicators identified by the project team; indicator definitions, sources, and compilation methods; and summary findings from a principal components analysis of state level food system indicators (prepared as an M.S. Thesis).

***UPDATE (August 2016): The new Food System Indicators Report contains updated examples using 2012 data, fact sheets and maps.***

Project Report - updated August 2016 (pdf)

Project Report - August 2012 (pdf)

Ben Scharadin’s M.S. Thesis: Principal Components Analysis of State Level Food System Indicators (pdf)