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FScN 2001 - Cooking for Health and the Environment: A Food Systems Approach (3 credits)

INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE ABOUT YOUR FOOD SYSTEM? FScN 2001 - Cooking for Health and the Environment: A Food Systems Approach will provide students with the knowledge, critical thinking and technical skills necessary to make food choices based on nutritional, environmental, and local and global societal issues. Dive deeper into the complex issues inherent in our food system. Discuss issues of civic engagement, sustainability, and community health. Learn from a variety of faculty and community experts, hear them debate important issues and engage in the conversation yourself. This class also enables students to earn Service Learning Credits and provides Experiential Learning credit for Nutrition majors.

**SEMESTER CHANGE** - Beginning Fall 2019, FCSN 2001 will only be offered fall semester during the 2019-2020 academic year.

A Food Systems Approach to Cooking

For questions or more information on Food Systems Approach to Cooking or Cooking on a Student's Budget, contact Robin Schow, Education Program Director of the Healthy Foods, Healthy Lives Institute, / 612-626-6425