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Cooking for Wellness

Instructor Robin Schow cooks with student.

These four-week courses are open to anyone (no University affiliation required). Learn how to cook more nutritious delicious food and meal plan with foundational skills in The Basics and learn more advanced techniques and develop tools for becoming an intuitive cook in Getting Creative

FScN 2001: A Food System Approach to Cooking

vegetable prep

This interdisciplinary experiential course (for UMN students) will provide students with the knowledge, critical thinking and technical skills necessary to make food choices based on nutritional, environmental, and local and global societal issues. Through lectures, classroom discussions, and a cooking laboratory, students will learn about our shared food system from expert guest lecturers representing multiple disciplines and sectors.

FScN 2002: Cooking on a Student's Budget

cauliflower chopping

This lab-only course (for UMN students) teaches the basic skills necessary to become confident and knowledgeable home cooks, to create a realistic food budget, and to prepare tasty and nutritional foods.