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HFHL PRESS RELEASE: The U of M Healthy Foods, Healthy Lives Institute Announces Fall 2016 Community-University Partnership Grant Recipients (1/20/17)

HFHL Institute in the News

INDIAN COUNTRY TODAY MEDIA Indigenous Wisdom and Academic Learning Converge at Native Nutrition Conference by Tanya H. Lee (10/6/16)

SEEDS OF NATIVE HEALTH: First-ever scientific conference on Native American nutrition calls for alignment of Indigenous knowledge and academic research (10/4/16)

NATIVE TIMES: Nutrition conference calls for Indigenous knowledge, academic alignment (10/4/16)

PRIOR LAKE AMERICAN: Native nutrition conference draws hundreds to Prior Lake (10/4/16)

MINNESOTA NATIVE NEWS: Dakota Community works to blend Indigenous with academic knowledge to improve native health (10/4/16)


KSTP 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS: Scientific Conference Focuses on Native American Nutrition by Jennie Lissarrague (9/26/16)

MINNESOTA PUBLIC RADIO (MPR) NEWS: Conference links poor Native American nutrition to historical trauma by Doualy Xaykaothao (9/28/16)


HFHL Grantees in the News

HFHL Grantee, Faith Spotted Eagle became first Native American to win an electoral vote for president

Faith Spotted Eagle

Faith Spotted Eagle, co-Pi on a 2011 HFHL Community-University Partnership Grant project (Good Heart Grocery and Eat Right Deli Community Assessment & Strategic Plan: Ihanktonwan Dakota community, SD) and speaker at the First Annual Conference on Native American Nutrition, became the first Indigenous leader to receive a vote for president in the electoral college. Read more about this historic moment.


Meet the new faces of farming

January 3, 2017

MINNEAPOLIS — There is an abundance of farmers among the millions of immigrant and minority residents of the United States.

Several groups in the Midwest are working to make it easier for immigrant and minority citizens, who often face lofty socioeconomic challenges, to be food producers. In anticipation of the upcoming 12th annual Immigrant and Minority Farmers Conference Jan. 28-29 in St. Paul, we took a look at some movements supporting the growing wave of immigrant and minority farmers.

Project Sweetie Pie

Natural Resources Conservation Services urban conservationist Tom Petersen said, “The face of urban agriculture is immigrant and minority farmers.”

That’s the movement that Michael Chaney’s Project Sweetie Pie seeks to strengthen.


Lawmakers support Minnesota urban agriculture effort

March 30, 2016

ST. PAUL -- Forget farms taking up thousands of acres, massive tractors and full grain bins.

Instead, the Minnesota House Agriculture Policy Committee on Wednesday turned its attention to urban farming, small plots that often produce vegetables for families.

"Urban farming is a way to really bring communities together," Michael Chaney of Project Sweetie Pie said.The bill being discussed, by Democratic Rep. Karen Clark of Minneapolis, calls for $20 million to build up urban agriculture. Half would be set aside for people of color and American Indians. The Bemidji Pioneer