Supplemental Funding (Current and Past Grantees)

Broadcast tower a.k.a. disseminate findingsHFHL is pleased to offer small supplemental grants (up to $1000) to support the advancement and promotion of projects funded by HFHL. This opportunity is available to both past as well as current grantees who have completed no less than six months of their project. Example efforts that supplemental funding is eligible for include:

  • costs pertaining to the dissemination of research findings and outcomes at a community event
  • travel expenses and fees for conferences, retreats and special programs where research findings and outcomes will be presented or where an opportunity to improve the project is available through networking or information sharing
  • development of promotional and/or educational materials that would amplify and further the project’s impact or objectives

Each research project is allowed one opportunity to apply for supplemental funding, ranging from $500 - $1000. Applications for this small-grant opportunity can be submitted at any time after the sixth month point or after completion of the project.

Applications for supplemental funding must include the following:

  • Title of initial grant
  • Name of Principal Investigator(s)
  • Department/Center/Institute/Organization
  • Email address of Principal Investigator(s)
  • Phone number of Principal Investigator(s)
  • Please describe the initiative/activity/event for which you are seeking grant funding (one paragraph is sufficient; please limit to one page)
  • Please provide a BRIEF budget outlining the total proposed activity budget and the amount of grant funding being requested, including when the funds will be spent. Does this amount to the total cost of the activity, or are other funds being used? Where are those funds coming from?
  • What other details or considerations would you like to share about your application?

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and may be submitted electronically to Hannah Germaine, Grants & Communications Coordinator, or online by going to this link. Grantees will be notified of the results of the application review within two weeks of its submission.