Minnesota Food Charter Network

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The Minnesota Food Charter is a shared roadmap, developed by thousands of Minnesotans, that describes ninety-nine policy and system change strategies across all scales and sectors that can increase access to healthy food for all Minnesotans.

To ensure success at implementing these strategies, the Minnesota Food Charter Network was formed in concert with the MN Food Charter to support and track statewide implementation of Food Charter strategies. The Healthy Foods, Healthy Lives Institute is the organizational host for the Food Charter Network and will partner with other people and groups to provide administrative, convening, strategy, communications, measurement and fundraising support to all aspects of the Network.  Coordinating and aligning the Food Charter's multi-faceted agenda for change will require effective, coordinated cross-sector involvement by people from across the state, representing the full spectrum of our food system.

Interested in joining a Minnesota Food Charter Network Action Team?  To learn more about the Network and Action teams, please visit the Minnesota Food Charter Network webpage.